Triple Glazed Windows in Carlisle

Triple Glazed Windows in Carlisle

Popularly, windows in a home, are double glazed. But did you know you can also triple glaze them so that three panes of glass are fitted into the window and infused with pockets of argon gas between them? By far, triple glazed windows are fitter, more reliable, and even endorsed by most industry experts.

Energy efficiency

While double glazing does lead to minimized energy consumption, triple glazed windows offer even better energy efficiency for your home. It keeps you more than just warm – the environment inside is well-balanced and easily livable. For large homes, especially, triple glazing is a wonderful option if you want to conserve all the heat.


One of the biggest benefits of triple glazed windows in Carlisle besides energy efficiency, is soundproof interiors. If you are living in a particularly noisy or busy area then you might want to choose triple glazing instead of double glazing to keep the noise out and have a peaceful stay inside. While both double and triple glazing comes with minimizing elements, it is triple glazing that performs better and keeps your interiors away from unwanted sounds.

Safety and security

You can always depend on Geltsdale Windows to provide you with the best of products. For your home, we would like to recommend the triple glazed version because of its strength, which evolves from the fact that there are three panes of glass sandwiched against each other. Therefore, this blend does not shatter as easily as the others and discourages potential intruders from targeting your home. We also provide you with a modern, secure locking system that allows you to travel out of your home with the ultimate peace of mind.

Creating value for your home

Triple glazed windows augment home value. As you get them fitted, the property immediately becomes highly appraised and even more desirable when you put it on the market. At Geltsdale Windows there are several window fittings’ options available such as triple glazed uPVC sliding sash windows or aluminium windows so that your home is worth more than it ever was.

Triple glazing visibly adds value to your property and is a great choice if your home is facing north – you will be saving a lot of money on your energy bill. Upgrade to triple glazing and avail of an Energy Performance Certificate which is as lucrative as increasing your energy rating from the G to E band. This actually increases the value of your property by at least £25,000 (approx..) depending upon your location.

Geltsdale Windows

For high-quality triple glazed windows and home improvement ideas, speak to Geltsdale Windows’ team of professionals who will ensure perfect fittings and installations across all your frames. You can boast of lower energy bills when you choose triple glazed windows with us.

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