Tips to choose blinds for your kids:

Tips to choose blinds for your kids:


Kid’s room is the most important part of any house. If you are planning a nursery for your new born or want to rearrange and decorate your teenager’s room, it is always good to choose the right window blinds. The range of blinds that can be chosen for kid’s room is huge and Geltsdale Windows has one of the most stunning range of kid friendly blinds in Carlisle.

Before choosing any type of window blind for kids here are some things to be considered.


Children’s safety is the most important aspect to be considered for when you are deciding about window blinds in Carlisle. In case you are planning to create a nursery for your young children, always remember that these children are prone to pulling the blinds and curtains, so it is important to chose durable rods and brackets which can withstand an occasional pulling. Choking hazard is the second important thing to consider. While choosing blinds for kids it is necessary to avoid any embellishments on the blinds.

Age and Gender

The most crucial aspect of choosing blinds for kids is age. If the kids are very young, it is always better to have blinds without much embellishments. Elder to kids, you can experiment with the style and colour of the blind. While choosing the blind, children’s liking and their vision about their space should be taken into consideration.


Hazardous material has choking hazard for kids younger than 3 years so better to avoid such material for blinds. Geltsdale Windows have blinds which are safe for children of all ages. Using non-toxic and eco-friendly material is the norm of the day. Choosing the colours which are natural, and which would not cause any allergy is the key to get the best possible blind or window treatment solution for kids.

Light Blocking

The main purpose for window blinds is to block the light when it is not needed. In some areas of Carlisle based on the location, the light blocking may be required throughout the day, for kids below the age of 3 years so choosing blinds based on the age and the age related specific requirements is a must.


Designing kid’s room is very exciting but adhering to some safety standards while not compromising on the functionality part is the way to go about sustainability. Finding the right blind in Carlisle and installing it as per the design and aesthetics is now very easy.

We at Geltsdale Windows have a huge collection of blinds which will give your kid’s room a great make-over as well as it would be comfortable for kids from the safety and design aspect. We love to work fulfilling your desire of getting the appropriate blinds for kid’s room, we can get you functionality with optimal pricing at your doorstep. Geltsdale Windows is known for customer satisfaction through relentless pursuit of excellence, we are here to help you for all your blind related requirements.

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