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Supalite roofs in Cumbria

our supalite roofs

Is your conservatory always the wrong temperature ?

Designed to be installed onto an existing conservatory, tiled conservatory roof systems convert your old conservatory into a usable all year living space.


Our SupaLite roof will transform old and energy inefficient conservatory and even out constant temperature fluctuations.


Geltsdale can also build you a brand new sunroom from scratch should you require a complete new build.



Many customers want to remodel the inside of their conservatories to give the feel of an extra room. This is achievable by plastering internal walls and adding true home feel furniture.


We supply and fit Supalite roofs in Cumbria and throughout the North of England.

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✔️ High levels of insulation

✔️ 10 Year roof guarantee

✔️ 50 Year extralight tile guarantee

✔️ Any conservatory style

✔️ Choice of fascia colours

✔️ Internal lighting features

✔️ Warm in winter, cool in summer

✔️ Add value to your home

✔️ Quick installation 3-5 days

✔️ Choice of tile styles & colours



Our unique performance textured tiles capture the look of low-profile traditional tiles.


Exceptional durability eliminates the lifting and general wear caused by UV rays and winds. Secondly providing the superior performance of stone-coated steel.


Our lightweight tiles come in various natural weathered tones therefore creating the appearance of a clay tiled roof.


Every ExtraLight product is manufactured to the highest quality giving exceptional durability and strength.


All tiles and roofing accessories are engineered to interlock to resist winds  and keep out the moisture.

Conservatory roofs in Carlisle
Supalite roofs in Cumbria


Slate roofing has been desired for its durability and beauty. Our composite slate tiles carry the same characteristics as regular slate whilst secondly enhancing performance and design.


Unlike natural slate, Composite Slates don’t break and come with a Lifetime Warranty.


Our slates are mouled with casts from real slate to capture all the aesthetics of regular slate and are UV protected to persevere colours.

windows and lighting

Roof windows

Superlite roof windows are a nice feature to add to your your new look conservatory and maximise the natural light in your room.


The sash windows have a centre pivot, which firstly allows them to be opened in a range of different positions. Secondly the window is able to rotate 180 degrees and lock. Therefore enabling easy cleaning of the outer glass.

internal / external lighting

Our roof system will allow for external and internal lighting features.

Customers will sometimes add LED’s to the outside soffit and as a result provides excellent lighting and great aesthetics.

Internal lighting can easily be fitted to the interior of your new Supalite roof. Lighting will be fitted and  plastered over to match you room requirements.

Conservatory roofs in Cumbria
want to transform your conservatory ?

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