For homeowners who are looking for extra living space, must choose Supalite Roofs in Brampton for your conservatory. Most of us imagine a roof made of glass or polycarbonate. But you can leverage the power of your conservatory with tiled roofs. Geltsdale provides a range of options from the Edwardian to the Gable Style conservatories to create customised roofs. There are several benefits to the tiled roof.

Older conservatories in need of an upgrade are popularly choosing the tiled roof option. Often, these complement the overall aesthetics of a home and meld well with the existing brickwork. With this kind of renovation, the existing frames, base work, and structures also remain in good shape.

For those who happen to live on a listed property or conservation area, the tiled roofing material is just appropriate. The process can be simple and quick when we are dealing with an accredited body because planning permission for conservatories with tiled roofs is accepted rather easily.

Traditional or glass conservatory roofs come with some of the most common issues. They are too hot during the summer and extremely cold in the winters. If you wish to watch TV, there is too much reflection off the glass. Additional heating and cooling technologies must be installed. To revitalise your living space all year round, choose tiled roofs, which also do not compromise on sunlight.


Unlike other roof types that only enable seasonal usage, the tiled conservatory roof lets you enjoy your space every day. The modern improvement immediately enhances and uplifts your property and also increases the value of your home.


Transform your conservatory from an under-used space to a high-traffic area, due to the tiled roof addition. It can be really a welcoming and warm addition to your home. Replace polycarbonate and ageing glass roofs, with tiled roofs.

Energy efficiency

While the tiled roof is an exquisite addition, with an improvement in the appearance of the conservatory, you can also expect energy efficiency. The conservatory automatically contributes towards thermal energy savings. It is a great way to save on valuable energy.

Acoustics and other benefits

Reduce noise pollution and improve acoustics with tiled conservatory roofs. Besides, you can also minimise glare, and install it within a short period of time.

The load is evenly spread even as tiled roofs are built on top of the brickwork. Modify your existing structure to accommodate the tiled roof. As experienced installers, ACAS Supalite Roofs in Brampton provides you with the light weighed tiled option, as well. Our surveyors examine every aspect of the conservatory to provide you with practical recommendations.

Reach out to Getlsdale for Supalite roofs in Brampton.

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