Style Up Your Property with a Modern Glass Conservatory

Style Up Your Property with a Modern Glass Conservatory

Certain additions and modifications to your home can vastly increase the value of your home!

But before you invest your money, it’s important to know how and where to invest in order to get a perfect return.

A recent statistics state that adding a double bedroom increases the value of your home by 10 percent of the actual value.

Looking to give your home a brand-new look? Conservatories are the right choice! Choose Geltsdale Windows for the right conservatories. We specialize in glass conservatories in Cumbria that add beauty and value to your property.

A conservatory is the right way to add extra value and extra space to your home. The humble conservatory is now becoming a trend as it enhances the beauty of your home. They help you add extra space or extra room to your property easily.

Style Up Your Conservatory Easily

Conservatories are one of the most effective and efficient ways to extend your property, be it a kitchen or a dining room or a bedroom. Be it an ultra-modern construction or a normal one, choosing a right conservatory would boost the look and value of the property. By adding few things to your conservatory, you can easily enhance its look and feel.

Here are a few steps to style up your conservatory easily

Create a Cosy Look

You can easily give a cosy look to your conservatory by adding up an orangery. Introduced from Renaissance in Italy, an orangery is slightly more than a glass conservatory that allows plenty of light to your room.

You can easily furnish these things in the same way as you decorate a living room or your personal room, creating a cosy space that can be flooded with light during the day time or give a fairy look of stars at night.

Colour the Walls with Vibrant Colours

Want to maximize the light in your conservatory and don’t want any blinds or curtains? Choose a vibrant colour to paint up your walls.

This would add some interest and life to the design and will soften the room. You can choose any colour than just using a brilliant white.

Glasses!!! Go for Glass

How about adding a glass extension to your property? Adding up a modern glass extension is a brilliant way to add up space to your property. It creates a light-flooded room, be it a dining room or kitchen space, or just a sunny chilling-out area.

You can add bi-fold doors that would further open up space for a pleasant and beautiful indoor-outdoor room during the warmer months.

Give a Contemporary Touch

Adding a super sleek modern glass extension to your property adds a wow factor. Be it a reading room, dining room, a space for relaxing, an at-home office space, or even a yoga studio, keep away those furnishings. Instead, let the stylish structure do all the talking.

Decorate it with Right Interior

Add up more beauty to your conservatory by choosing solid and glazed roofing. Choosing a more solid roof will make the room part of your house and in fact, provides better insulation in winter.

Also, the use of glass structures creates a sense of beauty and gives a stylish look to your property. Add up some furnishings and accessories to make the room more comfortable and stylish.

Go for Traditional Style

Going for a traditional style conservatory adds up more and more beauty to your property. You can even customize them with the blend of your property’s original features.

Add up a window design or choose a similar furnishings and accessories to blend it up.

Choose the Right Flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your conservatory will set the right tone. If you are going to place the conservatory inside, then go for a bright rug floor as it ensures comfort and provides a bright look for interior space.

If you are going to use the conservatory for the outside space, then choosing marbled stone floors is the wiser idea. It gives a rich look and adds up more value to your property.

Change its Purpose

While most of the people choose conservatories as an extension of their house – to use it as a kitchen or a living room, why not change its purpose? Once in a while, give your conservatory a new look by changing its purpose.

Design it in a way so that you can use it as a light-filled home office or give a romantic look to use it as a bedroom. Imagine waking up to a fresh and beautiful garden view… interesting right?

Want to add more space to your property? Contact Geltsdale Windows to add value to your property…

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