Leaders in Slimline Windows in Brampton

Leaders in Slimline Windows in Brampton

For optimum aesthetic appeal and protection from harsh weather, you must install Geltsdale Windows in your homes and offices. Choose from a variety of styles including the slimline windows in UK to provide you with all the required minimisations. Increase the value of your property and reduce your energy bills by installing our slimline windows. Even in appearance, our windows seem much like traditional windows and offer a great aesthetic appeal, adding charm, style, and heritage to your home.

Windows in UK Fact: Slimline windows come with an A+ Window Energy Rating.

In appearance, Slimline frames are closer to traditional timber windows. They are the perfect choice when you are upgrading your period property. Slimline windows ensure you retain the charm and style of your heritage home. When compared to standard double glazing, slimline windowpanes come with a smaller cavity between two panes and thus eliminate the possibility of a double reflection.

Modern glazing with Geltsdale Windows

As industry leaders, Geltsdale Windows use only premium products that are fitted at your doorstep by highly qualified and experienced installers.

uPVC Windows Slimline

With soaring energy costs and windows accounting for up to 30% of heat loss, you must ensure that you choose a high-performance double-glazed slimline that best suits your home. Slimline windows were traditionally made out of aluminium. But now, with uPVC windows in UK and thicker frames becoming standard, you can fill your home with a bright atmosphere. Geltsdale’s slimline uPVC windows are technically impressive and sleek. They combine the performance of strong casement windows and a spectacular design –  all of them carefully created to complement our product range and provide you with an unrivalled appeal.  


At Geltsdale Windows, we will tailor-make your slimline uPVC windows to suit your premises. Whether modern or traditional, we recreate styles as per your design favourites. For a contemporary style, choose slimline windows in Brampton that can accommodate decorative glazing options. Alternatively, if you want a heritage wood effect to give the feel of an old cottage, you can still choose our slim uPVC window options where you can choose from with a variety of designs.

As expressed before, our slimline uPVC windows have an A+ of WER or Window Energy Rating, which is quite impressive. It helps you cut down on a lot of electricity bills while staying energy efficient all year round. Geltsdale brings you an exclusive range of slimline uPVC windows in Brampton with thin frames providing you with the kind of finish that you are looking for. Specially tailored by our team of experts, we ensure that your home and family are secure with the stormproof version of our slimline windows.

Delivering high quality products, you can also opt for a locking system and a gear box made out of stainless steel for extra security. Our slimline uPVC windows are also draughtproof, watertight, and all-weather resistant. Furthermore, you can also build a drainage system that directly connects to the window so that the water drains out externally.

For top grade slimline uPVC windows in Brampton, speak to our experts.

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