Geltsdale’s Short Guide on Composite Doors

Geltsdale’s Short Guide on Composite Doors

Geltsdale knows that you want your composite doors to serve you free of trouble for many years to come. That is the reason why we are using materials of the highest standard possible. A modern composite door is a big investment and one that you want to do correctly.

Composite front doors ought to incorporate high-grade components including; hardware, locks, gaskets and more to function properly in the years ahead. Geltsdale offers the finest composite doors in Carlisle and Cumbria. 

Our contemporary composite doors in Carlisle and Cumbria offer a wide variety of side panel choices, including aligning composite and uPVC panel options. The panel ranges are precisely the same as that of the door, including the glazing, and will be joined at the same height. Glazed panels of either window type are connected to the frame, and we provide the necessary installation.

How we make the composite doors in Geltsdale?

External composite doors derive their “composite” name from the components used in the construction of the door slab.

There are several variants available but typically high-quality composite front doors UK (including our composite doors in Cumbria and Carlisle) are made of hardwood subframe timber and then packed with a high-density composite material that forms the heart. It’s finally covered with a tough wood grain effect on the outer skin.

The tough outer skins are added to both sides of the coloured composite door. The skins are colour-bonded so that the cracks and bruises become less visible. Also, dark stains can be quickly remedied with a touch-up brush.

Our composite doors in Cumbria offers an impregnable security

As a professional composite door maker in Cumbria and Carlisle, we know reliability and power is of utmost importance. That’s why our composite door shop has checked the degradation of all things. We can assure you that our composite doors provide a significant amount of security.

In terms of strength and reliability, we believe that we are providing the best composite door rates. They install a multi-point locking scheme as standard; when a composite door lock is attached, there are three hook bolts, a deadbolt and a latch all in operation at the same time, making any possible alien access nearly impossible.

Thermal Efficiency

All of our composite door models are extremely energy efficient and known to carry up to 8 times more heat than the conventional wood door! Properly fitted, they deliver excellent thermal properties.

Choosing a composite door in Cumbria!

The fact is, not all Composite doors in Cumbria are the same – also, you get what you actually pay for. Traditional timber composite doors may vary a bit; as composite is a mix of components, the durability, strength and appearance can be worlds apart. uPVC is used in all the doors, which increases the products’ thermal properties and also means the Composite doors in Cumbria will endure even in extreme weather conditions.

Geltsdale windows provide superior strength and security to steel, aluminium doors, timber and have better insulation properties which makes them an excellent choice. We also guarantee that all our Composite doors in Cumbria withstand rough use and break-in attempts. They really are the toughest Composite doors in Cumbria.

At Geltsdale we never compromise on quality and supply you with the best-fit and bespoke composite doors in Cumbria and Carlisle.

Geltsdale supplies and fits best composite doors in Carlisle, Cumbria and surrounding areas. Geltsdale have been supplying our composite doors in Cumbria for over 30 years and have a great local reputation. If you have any questions call us on (016977) 42279 or come and visit our Showroom at 22 Main Street Brampton, Carlisle, Cumbria CA8 1RS.

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