Geltsdale’s vertical windows in Cumbria are excellent for small spaces and the unique demands of a particular facility. Especially meant for smaller houses, the vertical sliding window fits perfectly into any small area. Where horizontal sliders need extra space to slide to the right or the left, vertical sliders do not need more than the window size itself.

It eliminates the need for a larger opening and saves space in the window pass-through area. The functionality remains the same but in a smaller space.

Tip: If you are in the foodservice industry, then vertical slider windows may also be used as walk-ups for your customers. Interaction is easier with your clients as these can be customised to the unique demands of your business.

There are several advantages of vertical sliding windows for businesses and homes, no matter the application. Some of the major benefits are:

Fits perfectly into more diminutive spaces

If you are a house that is relatively small or cramped, then choose the vertical sliding window for your area. Horizontal sliding windows require space to be pushed to the right or the left across its groove. But if you do not possess space that big, then space-saving vertical windows are the best bet. Eliminate the need for larger openings and widths with a vertical sliding window that is premier in functionality and ideal for space economization.

Versatility in automation

In vertical windows, automation possibilities are immense. They can open automatically too, much as they function in certain retail stores. A hands-free sensor is fitted that will close and open the window, at the wave of a hand. Open the window when you wish to let fresh air and light in and close it automatically whenever you please.


Experience fewer points of failure in the locking system with vertical sliding windows because they open only in one direction. If you shut them for the season, chances are you even forget to lock them.

Energy Efficiency

Air infiltration is comparatively lesser than in other windows, due to a single movable sash. Replace your current windows with vertical sliding operations to increase energy efficiency in your home. With improved technology, inclusive of an energy-efficient glass frame, insulation, and much more, even seepage of moisture into the house is prevented, which in turn, contributes to lesser risk of mould, water damage, rotting of wood, and mildew.

Space Saving

As mentioned before vertical slider windows are great installations for smaller rooms such as studies, guest rooms, bathrooms, etc. Besides, you can also install them in high traffic areas such as hallways, entryways, etc. These also allow the extra sunlight into the room, without having to compromise on square footage.


Every material and style used in manufacturing the window will differ in cost. Vertical sliding windows are more affordable due to the fewer parts involved in moving.


There are several finishing and styling options available such as trim, shape, wood, etc. Create arches, gothic, or give it a special shape with a selection of wood, and trim. Vertical sliding windows can be made to blend into the aesthetic and architectural style of your home.

To get vertical sliding windows in Cumbria, speak to experts at Geltsdale.

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