Conservatory in Brampton

Conservatory in Brampton

If you are looking for a Conservatory in Brampton, then reach out to Geltsdale Windows for some of the best choices of styles such as Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian, and Gable End. Besides, they are also available in a range of shapes and materials. Here is a look at two of the most popular conservatory styles.


Soon after Queen Victoria was replaced on the throne by King Edward VII, the Edwardian age was ushered in. The classic conservatory style featuring subdued lines, and ornamentation also accompanied. Incidentally, more design-oriented than its Victorian counterpart, the Edwardian conservatory in Brampton, commonly sports a plain glass and isshaped symmetrically with maximised floor space. This symmetry is further complemented by a flat front making it all look neat and tidy.

The amount of available area is enhanced with Edwardian conservatories due to its symmetry. You will typically find them in a rectangular or square shape where all the space within the conservatory can be used, just the way you want it, without having to compromise on the classical appearance. Basically, the exterior views of the house are also maximised when little detail adorns the windows or glasses themselves.

Both classic and modern in appearance, the Edwardian is also, sometimes considered as the simple Victorian style. It is a great way to add light, space, and blend it into the home and surroundings. Additionally, both modern, and classic builds are accommodated for the roof shapes.


The period type Victorian conservatory in Brampton, evolved in the same era when the love for foliage and exotic plants found their way into the hearts of the people. It meant keeping plants alive across the coldest of winter months. Elaborately ornated and detailed Victorian conservatory styles began sprouting up in the 19th century to complement period homes. These often encompass Gothic shaped doors and windows, with complex roof shapes, which were pitched steeply just like you would find them on Victorian houses.

Named after the reigning monarch of the time, the Victorian Conservatory can be found in both rural and urban homes. Also, referred to as Victorian sunrooms, the roofs are extremely ornate, faceted, and even have a rounded appearance.

Extremely popular in style, the Victorian Conservatory in Brampton suits almost every period décor. It includes a steeply pitched roof, ornate details, and a bayfront. Made from modern materials such as aluminium and uPVC our conservatories are built to last.

The three-facet Victorian’s bayfront has three main windows, all of them at wide angles. Moreover, there are also five-facet Victorian designs available, which have five main windows that accommodate elaborate aesthetics.

For a customised conservatory in Brampton, reach out to Geltsdale for more information. We have a choice of other styles as well.

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