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We specialise in sunrooms and conservatories in Cumbria and North England.


Sunrooms and conservatories create additional space while also adding beauty and value. Because we offer a range of styles and colours, we’re able to fit them to nearly any property style. As a result, getting one will improve your property’s value and aesthetics. It will also improve the flow of your house. No matter which design you choose, you’ll love the added space and charming look.


We make all our sunrooms and conservatories using modern techniques and the highest quality materials.


We offer a range of options and can tailor our conservatories for modern and traditional homes.

✔️ Different styles and colours

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✔️ High thermal efficiency

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Edwardian style

Edwardian conservatories are classic yet modern. They bring the best of both worlds to your house. First introduced as a simpler version of the Victorian style, Edwardian conservatories have clean lines and allow for lots of light. They are a simple way to add space and light.


These are popular for those seeking a simple yet traditional style. They’re designed to give you a great outdoor view without a lot of ornamental features. In addition, the large square or rectangular shape maximises floor area. Meanwhile, the classic roof shape sets off both traditional style and modern builds.


Most importantly, the Edwardian conservatory will blend into your home and garden. At the same time, it will add beauty and value to your property. You’ll enjoy the added space and beauty it adds to your home.


Because our Edwardian conservatories have beautiful period appeal with the benefits of modern performance and materials, they are one of our most popular conservatory styles. You’ll find them on homes of all styles.


We specialise in sunrooms and conservatories in Cumbria and North England.

Conservatories in Carlisle
Conservatories in Cumbria

Victorian style

Victorian conservatories are our most popular style due to their versatility. This is the style most people think of when they hear the word “conservatory.” They were created to be ornate. Modern styles are simpler than the original. They still have the main features, though.


Though similar to the Edwardian style, Victorian conservatories have the unique feature of a great bay view of angled windows. Because of their unique angle, these windows allow a lot of light to stream in. With this style of conservatory, you will be able to enjoy the view of your garden whilst adding a bright and spacious new living area.


All our Victorian conservatories are available in a range of colours and finishes. We can add a bi-fold door or French door, blinds, so you can easily access your garden. These options can modernise this classic conservatory design. They can also add a practical element. You’ll love the look and feel of it.


We specialise in sunrooms and conservatories in Cumbria, Whitehaven, Hexham and throughout the North of England.

Georgian style

The Georgian conservatory style offers a beautiful, timeless look that we can easily tailor to suit a wide range of property designs. They originated before Victorian conservatories and were exclusive to the very rich. In contrast to the original style, today’s version has lots of windows. Like the other conservatory styles, these let in lots of light.


Today, any home can benefit from a Georgian style conservatory. It doesn’t matter what style your home is. Your home can be modern, traditional, period or a new build. We will give you the right fit to seamlessly complement your home. You’ll love having a sitting space plus a spot for your plants.


Because this design was previously reserved for the rich in stately homes, it’s the ideal way to bring a sense of luxury to your property. It is quickly growing in popularity. Homeowners love the sleek style and the airy glass that brings the outdoors inside. They are on homes across northern England. They aren’t just for the rich anymore.


We specialise in sunrooms and conservatories in Cumbria and North England.

Conservatories in Cumbria
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Gable end style

Unlike the other styles, gable end style conservatories are not period-based. They are the most comparable to Georgian models. Similar to a Georgian conservatory, gable end conservatories are rectangular or square. They are simple yet elegant. The interior is square or rectangular.


They get their name due to the fact they look like a gable end of a house. Their roof slopes on one side but stands upright on the other. Therefore, they seamlessly flow with the rest of your house. They are sometimes called pavilion conservatories.


Gable end conservatories have a vaulted ceiling. These tall ceilings create an airy and spacious feeling. The square floorplan gives you lots of room for your furniture and plants.


We specialise in sunrooms and conservatories in Cumbria and North England.

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We provide a complete range of services to help you to groom the look of your home. With our wide range of options to choose from, you will find the Conservatories in Cumbria exactly suits your space. We are currently designing Edwardian Style, Victorian Style, Georgian style, Gable end style Conservatories in Cumbria.

Choose from the collection of Conservatories in Carlisle today to complete the look of your home. We also fit Conservatories in Hexham, Conservatories in Whitehaven and all surrounding areas. You can also call us or just email us to get in touch for a free quote.

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Conservatories in Carlisle
Conservatories in Cumbria
Conservatories in Cumbria
Conservatories in Cumbria
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