Casement Windows, A perfect Window to Complement any type of House

Casement Windows, A perfect Window to Complement any type of House

The most common and flexible window design is the traditional Casement Style window. The casement windows are either hinged on the side or the top, are the most energy-efficient option for most homes.

At Geltsdale have a broad variety of designs and decorative finishes of Casement windows in Cumbria and Carlisle, available to complement every form of home.

A casement is a window attached by one or more hinges at the side of its frame. Within such a common frame, they have been used singly or in pairs, in which case they are hinged outside. Casement windows are often kept open through a stay in the casement. Windows hinged in the top are called awning windows and those hinged in the bottom are called hoppers.

At Geltsdale, we supply and fit bespoke casement windows in Cumbria and Carlisle that are made to measure and easily customised for your daily use.

Casement windows, including types of awnings and hopper, “tend to have lower air leakage levels than sliding windows because the sash gets closed by pressing against the framework.

Casement windows are also outstanding for natural ventilation methods, particularly in warm climates. Casements allow more ventilation control than flush-opening windows. To direct breezes into the building, they can be hinged to open outwards and angle.

Top reasons to choose casement windows from Geltsdale

  • 60 mm & 70 mm Inliten profile systems
  • WER ‘A’ standard double-glazing ratings
  • A full U-value window of 0.8 with triple glazing
  • Standard multi-point locking systems
  • Limited set of configurations & designs
  • Safe, trendy and robust range of products

Geltsdale supplies and fits windows in Cumbria and surrounding areas and have a great local reputation. If you have any questions call us on (016977) 42279 or come and visit our Showroom at 22 Main Street Brampton, Carlisle, Cumbria CA8 1RS.

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