Best Conservatories in Cumbria

Best Conservatories in Cumbria

Add value to your home by installing the best conservatories in Cumbria only available with Geltsdale Windows. By bringing aesthetics into your added space, we make a big difference with this special location. Spend quality time in this bright and peaceful extra room, which instrumentally, improves your lifestyle and proffers you with the opportunity to use it as a living or dining area, study room, or as an entertainment space for children.

Our expert design team at Geltsdale creates both classic and modern conservatories according to your requirements. In the traditional conservatory, you should be able to visualise the architectural feel of your home and in the modern, you could embed functional technology and juxtapose contemporary design extensions. At Geltsdale, we guide you towards the right options.

A modern conservatory encompasses contemporary designs for ultimate luxury while enjoying minimalistic geometric spaces that you are seeking. These work especially well in areas where properties have evolved architecturally, over the years.

Using your modern conservatory

The contemporary conservatory can act like any other room in your house. Most of the installations are meant to further your living space. This could be for several purposes, such as entertaining family and friends, play area for children, and much more.

You can even turn the space into a private dining room or reserve it for families encompassing small children where the doors can be thrown open for the summer breeze.

Alternatively, you can commission art to fill the space, or display furniture. The modern conservatory need not necessarily have a practical purpose to it.

Some modern conservatories are also entertaining rooms with music and other additives.

Features of modern conservatories in Cumbria

Most of the features are associated with strength, energy efficiency and security with modern conservatories.


For security get steel-reinforced windows and door frames, fit in multi-point locks and latches, or anti-lifting tracks on sliding doors. Internal beadings of double-glazed units and toughened safety or laminate glass add to the security features.

Ventilation and heating

Glass opening sections or roofing vents may be incorporated with either manual or auto-powered options or just both. Wet and dry system operations are fitted during the construction phase itself, to ensure floor heating. Furthermore, the climate control systems, also built-in, during construction, actually help with the varying degrees in the atmosphere. Alternatively, low-level electric radiators and ceiling fans can be fitted for heat and breeze, respectively.


Several conservatories contemporarily use window blinds instead of curtains. This way, the build-up of heat is minimised with vents, which come in a range of styles, designs, and colours.

Energy consumption

Geltsdale produces the appropriate energy performance certifications to ensure cost-cutting.

Enjoy your conservatory’s extended living space, where glazed and stunning plates are prepared with fully glazed panels since they are also shatter-proof. They are also lighter than the double-glazed glass pattern.

Speak to our experts for more information about conservatories in Cumbria.

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