Best Blinds in Carlisle

Best Blinds in Carlisle

If you are looking for a window treatment for your new home or are simply looking for a change of aesthetics, then checkout Geltsdale Windows for the best blinds in Carlisle. For many, blinds are a great choice, because they are highly functional, besides possessing visual appeal. If a poll were to be conducted regarding popular window coverings, blinds emerge a winner hands down due to their compact nature, easy installation, and controllable components.

Important features of blinds

The inimitable blinds are the choice of the century due to their myriad characteristics.

Light blocking 

While it might seem like a rather obvious property, you should be able to control the amount of light seeping into your area. Match better light-blocking abilities with the need for privacy, and weigh your priorities, whether you want blinds that shut fully or have wider slats. However, blackout blinds provide you with full coverage over the window, blocking all unnecessary light.

Cordless operation

Blinds, today, are also available with a cordless option where you do not require to adjust the slats. You can physically pull the blind down and lock it in a particular place to keep it partially open or tug at the blind again to lift it up completely. As it moves, you can adjust it at the level that you wish.


Another new-age feature, you can operate your blinds automatically with the help of a remote. Sensors attached to the blinds act as receivers when you use the remote to control the way your blinds move. For modern homes, these contemporary style blinds are a great feature.

Most popular blinds of 2020

Geltsdale Windows provide customers with some of the best blinds in Carlisle. With a variety of styles and options, choose from a range of the latest automatic and cordless blinds available at our store. Find some of the best technologically advanced blinds meant for the homes of the 21st century. Feel the IoT with AI infused products that are now a rave in the market.  

Different types of blinds

Vertical blinds

Made up of elegant louvres, vertical blinds can be rotated to allow different amounts of light into the room. You may also reveal the entire window by drawing them fully or gather the plates to one side or the middle to control the sunlight.

Venetian blinds (micro or mini)

Venetian blinds are slatted and made from wood, metal, or plastic. They are a great feature for sleek kitchens or bathrooms, especially where metal or plastic blinds are a practical choice for rooms containing high levels of moisture. If you have a home office, then venetian blinds should be your choice, as they have the ability to filter the light. Venetial blinds also come in two varieties, micro and mini. Micro blinds come with ½ inch slats while mini blinds encompass an inch or so for slats.

Panel blinds

Hanging vertically, these blinds are made out of thin fabric and consist of 4 wide sections. Houses with large glass doors or sliding backdoors, must benefit from these. The panels essentially slide together to let light seep into the room. Simply slide them back to close them and they will lay back one against the other, covering the entire glass door. Easy cleaning, economical pricing and soft fabric materials are some of the main advantages of panel blinds.

Roller blinds

Those who are averse to a mechanism such as the venetian blinds will certainly gain from roller blinds. A fabric is wrapped around the support pole that is attached to the frame of the window. A small loop bead at the end, when released, pulls the blinds down. Until you pull the strings to release them, a locking mechanism keeps the blinds from rolling up.

At Geltsdale Windows, you can get ready-made and even made-to-measure blinds. While ready-made blinds come in preset sizes, made-to-measure blinds are customised to exactly fit into your window and merge with your décor. Speak to our consultants for perfectly fitted windows with the best blinds in Carlisle.

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