Add a beautiful and timeless look to your home with a Georgian Style Conservatory

Add a beautiful and timeless look to your home with a Georgian Style Conservatory

Having a conservatory to your home offers a touch of grace and value. There are many types of conservatories available, but the one that is seeing a sudden surge in popularity is the Georgian- style conservatory. Due to its part antique look, the Georgian style had become a most fancied conservatory style in the UK. 

In contrast to the original style, the Georgian conservatory of the modern-day is altered slightly with the addition of extra windows, which lets a lot of light in the space. 

Geltsdale specialises in making gorgeous Georgian-style conservatories in Cumbria and North England

The uniqueness of Georgian-style conservatories

The Georgian conservatory style provides an elegant, timeless look which we can easily customize to match a wide range of designs for properties. Contrary to the original style, there are plenty of windows in today’s version. Like the other models of the conservatory, the Georgian conservatory allows a natural flow of light to your space.

The shape of the Georgian style conservatory makes it the most versatile conservatory option to choose for your home. This conservatory style features a flat front with symmetry in the shape of a square or rectangle. This shape of the Georgian conservatory makes it more spacious, where you can add spots from some plants creating an air of freshness inside the conservatory.

Geltsdale can help you build a perfect Georgian-style conservatory in Cumbria with expertise and experience in crafting the rightly suited conservatory for you. We the right conservatories in Cumbria and Carlisle of your choice. 

Benefits of choosing a Georgian-style conservatory

  1. Georgian conservatory style brings a sense of luxury to your property
  2. It is one of the popular conservatory styles
  3. The sleek style and airy glass brings the outdoors inside for you
  4. It is more spacious when compared to the other type of conservatories 
  5. This conservatory style lets in a lot of natural light to your room
  6. Superb thermal efficiency
  7. Beautiful architectural features
  8. Glazing bars that are diligently decorated
  9. Keeps you cool in summer
  10. It offers an antique look of timeless origin to your property


With our bespoke and well-crafted Georgian-style conservatory you can add a great look to your property and make your space look more fabulous and luxurious. We have the excellent Georgian style conservatories in Cumbria to add a perfect look to your home. 

 At Geltsdale windows, we provide the complete solution to cater to all your Conservatories in Cumbria awning needs. With our expertise and experience, we can craft the right one for you.

We aim to tailor the right one for you that perfectly merges with the decor and enhances its appeal. 

Choose from the collection of Conservatories in Cumbria and Carlisle today to complete the look of your home in Cumbria and throughout the North of England. If you have any questions call us on ( 016977 ) 42279 or come and visit our Showroom at 22 Main Street Brampton, Carlisle, Cumbria CA8 1RS

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